Gigs Five

will genere you income profit every month 2000 dollars


I am a professional trader I am here to generate profits every month I propose complete solution for clients who want to invest their money and have an extra income each month with a small private equity to generated via trading strategies and automatic money management and manual my strategy that I develop can generate positive profit every month ,invested money serves me just to open the account and pay the maintenance and testing costs to the companies that finance profitable traders after 20 days the customer receives his profit each month I commit to pay the profit to the customer every month of course I take half the profit which and automatically take the customer receives his profit every month until expiry of the contract period that will make me additional income and likes the challenge 

I trade mainly futures contracts (Gold ,sp500,crude oil nasdaq) I trade every day on its markets 

the cost and maintenance costs of gigs just serve to pay the fees, profit its sharing between us 

trading profit plan1 $580

genener income profit 2000$*2 month=4000$

20 days Delivery 0 Revision
trading profit plan 2 $775

genener income profit 2000$*3 month=6000$

20 days Delivery unlimited Revision
tradinf profit plan 3 $1000

genener income profit 2000$*6 month=12000$

20 days Delivery unlimited Revision
Gigs Five

Nadjib Djeghar

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  • Jul 2020
  • batna, Algeria, 05005

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